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VA100 Goddess Luo

VA100 Goddess Luo

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    Color Design

    Goddess Luo

    The design of the keyboard is inspired by the famous poem "Luo Shen Fu" (Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River) written by Cao Zhi during the Three Kingdoms era.

    Color Design

    Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River

    The poem has inspired generations, influencing both classical and modern interpretations across various arts.


    Font Design

    Use calligraphy fonts for embellishment.
    The text is selected from Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River


    The poem is on the keycaps

    Scroll-style communication, unfolding from right to left, depicting the storyline.

    Explore the design story

    Color Design


    The overall color design of the keyboard refers to the "light mint" color commonly used in Hanfu of the Jin Dynasty as the base color of the shell, pursuing naturalness, elegance, and simplicity.

    Due to different equipment and lighting conditions during shooting, there will be slight differences in color presentation, please be informed.


    Cloisonné Nameplate

    As elegant like a swan

    As graceful as a swimming loong

    The nameplate combines the beauty of Goddess Luo with Cloisonné enamel process.


    Magnetic Nameplate

    The second nameplate uses the pattern of lotus.

    Lotus is often used to describe beautiful women.

    Both nameplates are magnetically attached to the keyboard.


    Back storage design

    Efficient use of bottom case space
    It can store three nameplates and one 2.4G adapter.


    UV Print case

    The keyboard mounted Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy works on the back of the keyboard through UV printing technology.


    Variable Grating Effect

    Allows dynamic visual effects, bringing the poetic imagery of Goddess Luo alive through changing perspectives.


    Switch mode easily

    It has a physical mode switch to switch the connection mode between wired, bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless.


    Gasket Mount

    Elevate the typing experience with a combination of premium acoustic foams such as IXPE, PET, and Latex.

    Each keystroke becomes enjoyable, making every tap a delight for the senses.


    Customizable Keymap with QMK/VIA

    Empowering endless possibilities with key remapping, and macro command, shortcut, and key combination creations through QMK/VIA with ease for peak productivity.

    Click here to use VIA


    Windows and macOS

    Press Fn+Tab for 5 sec to switch the system between Win and Mac.

    Win - Option

    Alt - Command


    8000mAh Battery

    Working Time (all lights off): 600 hours (lab test result)

    Working Time (all lights on): 30 hours (lab test result)


    An Epic Core Inside The Keyboard

    A powerful ST+Nordic chip equipped will provide more flexibility for developers.

    The polling rate is 1000 Hz right out of the box on 2.4 GHz and wired modes, which makes the latency hardly noticeable even in competitive games.


    South-facing RGB backlit

    Support 3/5 pins switches

    Make it a thock/creamy/silent/clicky keyboard

    • Kailh Prestige Silent

      • Linear/Silent
      • The quietest switch

      Operating force: 42gf

      Terminal force: 50gf

      Conduction travel: 1.8mm

      Total travel: 3.6mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

      Get the switch here 
    • Kailh Prestige Voice

      • Linear/HiFi
      • Good to hear

      Operating force: 40gf

      Terminal force: 50gf

      Conduction travel: 2mm

      Total travel: 3.4mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

    • Kailh Prestige Light V2

      • Linear/Light/HiFi

      Operating force: 35gf

      Terminal force: 45gf

      Conduction travel: 2mm

      Total travel: 3.4mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

    • Model

      VA100: Wired/Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G; RGB Backlit; Hot-swappable

      VA80: Coming soon~

    • Parameter

      Case: plastic

      Nameplate: zinc alloy

      Weight: 1.96kg(Gross weight)/1.45kg(Net weight)

      Size: 438*136*41mm

      Front height: 21mm

      Angle: 5°/8.5°/12°

      Kickstands: Two stages

      Inner tank structure: PCB leaf spring gasket

      Keycaps: Cherry Profile PBT

      Layout: ANSI

      Keys: 105 keys

      Battery: 8000mAh

      Interface: Type-C

      Connection: Wired/2.4GHz/Bluetooth 5.0

      Hot-swap: support 3 pins/5 pins switches

      Backlit: RGB

      Lowest Delay: wired 1ms (wired), 2ms (2.4G), 15ms (Bluetooth)

      Compatible system: Windows and Mac Os

    • In the Box





      Key puller/switch puller

      2.4GHz dongle

      two extra nameplates

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