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MAC 68/87/108

MAC 68/87/108

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Switches Introduction

Varmilo Switches Introduction


  • Varmilo  switches
  • Kailh&Varmilo switches
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Gateron switches

Brief intro of Varmilo switches:

 Switch Features
Varmilo EC V2 Sakura similar to Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Rose a little heavier than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Daisy lighter than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Moxa similar to Sakura
Varmilo EC V2 Iris similar to Holy Panda
Varmilo EC V2 Ivy similar to Cherry Blue
Varmilo EC V2 Violet similar to Cherry Brown
Varmilo EC V2 Jasmine similar to Cherry Silver
Varmilo Daisy L mechanical switch, hot-swappable

EC Orange

EC Sakura

EC Rose

EC Jasmine

EC Ivy

 EC Moxa

 EC Iris

 EC Violet

 EC Silent Saisy

 varmilo mechanical switches

 Varmilo Daisy L

2 kailh switches

Brief intro of Kailh switches:

 Switch Features
Kailh Prestige Silent similar to Cherry Silent Red
Kailh Prestige Red similar to Sakura
Kailh Prestige Light similar to Daisy 
Kailh Prestige Voice good to hear
Kailh Prestige Clicky similar to Ivy

Kailh Prestige Red

Kailh Prestige Clicky

Kailh Crane

Kailh Prestige Light

Kailh Prestige Silent

Kailh Prestige Voice

cherry switches

Cherry Red

Cherry Blue

 Cherry Brown

Cherry Silent Red

Gateron Switches

G Red pro 2.0

G Yellow pro 2.0

G White pro 2.0

G Silver pro 2.0

 G Brown pro 2.0

Shipping Policy


VAT or import tax included?

Due to the customs policy of different destinations, we CANNOT guarantee if there is a tax for you. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax of your shipping destination. Please let us know if the customs reach out for anything, we may provide our suggestion if possible.

European Union VAT

If you are located in the European Union, and your product amount is under €150, we will charge the VAT when you place an order.

Then there is no more tax needed.

If your order amount is over €150, then the local Customs will charge customs duties and VAT.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 


Where do you ship from?

  • We ship from China.
  • Some SKUs will be shipped from the US. 

     (Minilo75% Bluebell & Retro)


What countries do you ship to?

  • Varmilo uses DHL Express to ship the orders.
  • We ship to countries that DHL Express services. 
  • Shipping rates will show when you enter a shipping address on the Checkout page.

    When can I receive my order?

    • In-stock items usually take 2-5 working days by DHL Express. 
    • Pre-sale items will have an estimated delivery time marked on the product page.


    Payment Method

    • Paypal and Credit Card


    Can I cancel the order or change the product?

    • Yes, unshipped orders can be canceled and product or delivery information can be modified.

    Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipment once the product is en route.
    • But you can contact DHL to change the address. 

    Tri-mode & Hot swap & RGB with Kailh Prestige silent switches:

    Model Connection Hot-Swappable Backlit System
    VPT Tri-mode YES RGB Windows

    Tri-mode: Wired & Bluetooth & 2.4G



    Bottom Mount (87 keys)

    Top Mount (108 keys)

    Keycaps: PBT

    USB Interface: Type-C

    Kickstand: Two-stage

    Weight: 1.73kg (87 keys) / 2.17kg (108 keys)


    359x134.7x35.5mm (87 keys)

    455.2x138.75x36.5mm (108 keys)


    68 keys: Wired & White Led with Kailh Prestige Red/Clicky switches:

    Model Connection Hot-Swappable Backlit System
    Miya Wired NO White Windows and MAC



    Bottom Mount (80%)

    Top Mount (110%)

    Keycaps: PBT

    USB Interface: Type-C

    Kickstand: Two-stage

    Weight: 1.6kg (80%) / 2kg (110%)


    359x134.7x35.5mm (80%)

    455.2x138.75x36.5mm (110%)

    68 keys

    Model Connection Hot-Swappable Backlit
    Miya Wired NO White


    Keycaps: PBT

    USB Interface: Type-C

    Kickstand: Two-stage

    Weight: 1.26kg (68 keys)

    Size: 405x180x61.5mm (65%)

    Tri-mode will contain a 2.4g gongle.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Lulu M.

    I’ve had this keyboard for over a year now and I absolutely love it! I got mine with the Cherry MX Brown keys in the 68key format and I’ve run into zero issues so far. Since this was my first use on a non-full keyboard there was a bit of a learning curve for me. The keys are creamy, the color is exactly how it was in photos, and the product doesn’t feel cheap at all. This keyboard allows you to switch from windows to Mac format easily using short cuts (super handy as both a windows and Mac user). The website provides documents for the list of short cuts which resolved all my initial issues when using the keyboard. My communication with customer service was minimal, but when they reached out needing clarification on my info they’ve been always very sweet.

    Vladimir K.

    Premium quality and material, comfortable to use