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Switches Introduction

Varmilo Switches Introduction


  • Varmilo  switches
  • Kailh&Varmilo switches
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Gateron switches

Brief intro of Varmilo switches:

 Switch Features
Varmilo EC V2 Sakura similar to Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Rose a little heavier than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Daisy lighter than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Moxa similar to Sakura
Varmilo EC V2 Iris similar to Holy Panda
Varmilo EC V2 Ivy similar to Cherry Blue
Varmilo EC V2 Violet similar to Cherry Brown
Varmilo EC V2 Jasmine similar to Cherry Silver
Varmilo Daisy L mechanical switch, hot-swappable

EC Orange

EC Sakura

EC Rose

EC Jasmine

EC Ivy

 EC Moxa

 EC Iris

 EC Violet

 EC Silent Saisy

 varmilo mechanical switches

 Varmilo Daisy L

2 kailh switches

Brief intro of Kailh switches:

 Switch Features
Kailh Prestige Silent similar to Cherry Silent Red
Kailh Prestige Red similar to Sakura
Kailh Prestige Light similar to Daisy 
Kailh Prestige Voice good to hear
Kailh Prestige Clicky similar to Ivy

Kailh Prestige Red

Kailh Prestige Clicky

Kailh Crane

Kailh Prestige Light

Kailh Prestige Silent

Kailh Prestige Voice

cherry switches

Cherry Red

Cherry Blue

 Cherry Brown

Cherry Silent Red

Gateron Switches

G Red pro 2.0

G Yellow pro 2.0

G White pro 2.0

G Silver pro 2.0

 G Brown pro 2.0

Shipping Policy


VAT or import tax included?

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Where do you ship from?

  • We ship from China.
  • Some SKUs will be shipped from the US. 

     (Minilo75% Bluebell & Retro)


What countries do you ship to?

  • Varmilo uses DHL Express to ship the orders.
  • We ship to countries that DHL Express services. 
  • Shipping rates will show when you enter a shipping address on the Checkout page.

    When can I receive my order?

    • In-stock items usually take 2-5 working days by DHL Express. 
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    Payment Method

    • Paypal and Credit Card


    Can I cancel the order or change the product?

    • Yes, unshipped orders can be canceled and product or delivery information can be modified.

    Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipment once the product is en route.
    • But you can contact DHL to change the address. 

    Varmilo Sword68 Full CNC Metal Custom Wireless Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard

    Limited Stock —— Get it now before it sells out.

     In-stock items will be shipped in 48 hours.

    Monet and Sakura will be shipped in June.

    Driver Download

    Pokaż kompletne dane

    Color Design


    A new edition of Sea Melody

    Feel the beauty of the sea, mermaids, shells and waves

    Color Design


    Record the extremely beautiful moments of light and color

    Color Design


    A new edition of Sakura

    Enjoy the classic pink sakura keyboard


    Fully CNC Metal Case

    It feels stable, made of 6063 aluminum, with a net weight of about 1.5kg.


    Delicate satin-like feel

    Sword68 uses anodizing and extremely fine zircon sand for the case finish.

    The combination of fine hazy matte and metallic texture creates a surprising semi-gloss effect.

    Slightly cool to the touch, delicate and silky, like jade.

    If you touch it with your fingertips, you will feel its difference.

    3D Printing & Resin Glue

    Create a three-dimensional micro landscape of the keyboard

    UV Printed Aluminum Plate Weight

    Ariel Only

    AG Frosted Glass Plate Weight

    Monet & Sakura


    PCB leaf-spring Gasket

    A breakthrough in feeling and sound


    Five-sided Dye-sub PBT

    Varmilo has industry-leading five-sided sublimation technology and artistic design capabilities

    It has also been well received for launching many classic theme designs.

    We carry this feature on Sword 68.

    Redesign themes such as Haiyun and appear on the keyboard with new visual effects


    Key macro definition

    Use the driver to customize your key combinations, backlight effect, and music rhythm backlight.



    Dynamic RGB lighting effects

    We have prepared more RGB lighting effects for lighting enthusiasts.

    Download the exclusive driver to create your own dynamic lighting effects.


    Dust Cover
    Key/Switch Puller
    2.4G Adapter

    • Varmilo Daisy L

      • Linear/Light/HiFi

      Operating force: 35gf

      Terminal force: 45gf

      Conduction travel: 2mm

      Total travel: 4mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

      Get it here 
    • Kailh Prestige Silent

      • Linear/Silent
      • The quietest switch

      Operating force: 42gf

      Terminal force: 50gf

      Conduction travel: 1.8mm

      Total travel: 3.6mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

    • Kailh Prestige Voice

      • Linear/HiFi
      • Good to hear

      Operating force: 40gf

      Terminal force: 50gf

      Conduction travel: 2mm

      Total travel: 3.4mm

      Long-pole stem

      Factory lubed

    • Model

      VTP: Wired/Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G; RGB Backlit; Hot-swappable

    • Parameter

      Case: 6063 aluminum, full CNC process

      Case Finish: Anodization/Electrophoresis

      Badge: Resin

      Aluminium plate weight: UV Printed/AG Frosted Glass Plate Weight

      Weight: 2.5kg(Gross weight)/1.5kg(Net weight)

      Size: length 34cm width 11cm

      Front height: 19mm

      Angle: 6.5°

      Inner tank structure: PCB leaf spring gasket

      Keycaps: PBT,Cherry Profile

      Battery: 4000mAh

      Interface: Type-C

      Connection: Wired/2.4g/Bluetooth 5.0

      Hot-swap: support 3 pins/5 pins switches

      Backlit: RGB

      Lowest Delay: wired 2.5ms (wired), 5.5ms (2.4G), 18ms (Bluetooth)

      Compatible system: Windows and Mac Os

    • Ariel

      Case Finish: Anodization

      Keycaps Material: PBT

      Keycaps Profile: JDA

      Badge: 3D Resin

      Plate Weight: UV Printed Aluminum

      Plate: FR4

    • Monet / Sakura

      Case Finish: Electrophoresis

      Keycaps Material: PBT

      Keycaps Profile: Cherry

      Badge: 3D Resin

      Plate Weight: AG Frosted Glass

      Plate: FR4

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    J.C. (St Louis, US)
    First Awesome/Well-Made Mechanical Keyboard

    The kayboard I had before this was a Logitech one that cost about $200 (Yes, after doing actual research I realized that I got ripped off). While this keyboard is a bit more expensive, It is 100% worth the price. It looks and feels amazing. Customer service was also great and very responsive. Shipped fast as well. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

    Eric W. (Dallas, US)
    Best keyboard ever

    It's just perfect. I got exactly what I paid for. Stock keyboard that sounds sexy as hell without the need to customize it. I am very lazy to make a custom keyboard so this suited me very well

    Esmeralda Q.

    Love the colors and I love how amazing it sounds.

    Karlo G.

    Amazing keyboard.
    I got sword68 with Kailh prestige voice. They are pretty nice type on and sound great . The keyboard itself feels very sturdy and quite heavy ! shipping was faster than expected !
    Only complaint I have is that the backspace and some stabilizer keys felt very sluggish and would get stuck when typing ( probbably poor qc and/or too much lube) but the issue went away when i swapped to different keycaps .

    All in all very satsfied with the purchase and would def reccomend!

    Hyunwoo K. (Seocho-gu, KR)


    jiyong s. (Yeongdeungpo-gu, KR)


    Nikita D. (Toronto, CA)


    Oskari P. (Helsinki, FI)


    Connor K.

    Shipped pretty fast and it is amazing quality. The kailh prestige voice switches are LOUD!! Just a warning if you have roommates or would consider taking this into the office. It sounds amazing but wow it's loud.

    Adrian B.

    Very nice quality and sounds amazing!
    Super fast shipping