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Minilo 75%
Christian R. (Miami, US)

I bought the Minilo 75 Retro and don't regret it one bit! I love the warm sound it makes! I have yet to change switches, but I am interested in doing so in the future.

Minilo 75%
Bas T. ('s-Hertogenbosch, NL)

Better than expected

Beijing Opera 87/108
David L. (Rzeszów, PL)

Beijing Opera 87/108

VA104C Calculator
Christopher B. (Barberton, US)

VA104C Calculator

Minilo 75%
Anonymous (Eden Prairie, US)
High quality, but missing features

I bought this keyboard along with some Dasher keycaps from Drop. It looks just like the Data General Dasher, and typing is indeed quiet. My only complaint is that the shortcuts are non-standard and there is no VIA support for remapping them.

Sea Melody 108
Customer (Seattle, US)
Nice and quiet

Love the keyboard. Wish I knew how to program those function/special keys tho. Great board overall.

Yakumo 87/88/108/109
Toufic E.H. (Milton Keynes, GB)
LOVE it!

Exceeded expectations, it looks incredibe, high high high quality build, and the keys sound exactly the way I wanted them to.

Panda 87/108
Christian R. (Bothell, US)
Great Keyboard

This is one of the best full sized silent keyboards I've owned. I've also never had wireless, and it works flawlessly. I love it.

Summit R1 87/108
Marco D.F. (Casaleone, IT)
Tastiera eccezionale

Tastiera ottima.

Aurora 87/108
j.c. (Paranaque City, PH)
Need Keyboard Instructions and More Information

Do provide Instructions for all the functions related to the keyboard like backlights, Connections etc.

I have the Tri-mode Connections for my Keyboard.
The Bluetooth and Wired connections are working fine but the 2.4ghz Dongle doesn't work even plug-in on other computer doesn't show any device. that's sad

Minilo 75%
Anonymous (Zagreb, HR)
Truly amazing

I purchased the hot-swappable version with Prestige silent switches, and they feel excellent. The keycaps are also nice; they have a slight texture that prevents slipping, giving them a rubbery feel which I absolutely love. Coming from a Razer background, this switch was exactly what I needed, considering how much I use my keyboards. I have attached an image and a video to the link where you can hear the Prestige Silent switches in action. YouTube video placeholder
Moonlight 87/108
R.R.J. (Clarksville, US)
Awesome keyboard

Awesome keyboard. Near silent which is what I was looking for. Heavier than I thought it would be. Worth the price.

Minilo 75%
Anonymous (Miami, US)

Silent! Truly a amazing

Sakura R2 108
LaRhonda P. (Calgary, CA)
Best keyboard I have

Love my keyboard, exact right layout and feel.

Sakura R2 87
Amanda U. (Newtown, US)

The best keyboard I’ve owned. From the key switches to the weight of the keyboard.
Smooth typing and luxury feel!

Minilo 75%
Matthew d. (Waterloo, CA)
Silent Keys in Blue

Keyboard is very quiet and has a nice feel to it. Works perfectly when wired to the computer but when using the wireless functions it disconnects briefly quite often...very difficult to play online games with when your keyboard stops working intermittently

Chang'e 87/108
David D. (Santa Ana, US)

Chang'e 87/108

Minilo 75%
Corentin C. (Lyon, FR)
Silent and feel awesome

Super silent with "Kailh Prestige Silent". Perfect to use is an office with people around.
Love the typing experience too.

Minilo 75%
Leszek S. (Warsaw, PL)
Simply the best!

This is my second keyboard, this time in the colors I dreamed of from the beginning. The first one - bluebell, went to my son and the first thing he said was "writing on it is very satisfying" :)
I still think it's the quietest keyboard in the world and simply the best. I forgot to mention earlier that the battery lasts forever, I charge it very rarely.

Minilo 75%
Sarah W. (Melbourne, AU)

Minilo 75%

Sea Melody 108
Amy (Ellicott City, US)
Quiet and Smooth

Keyboard was much quieter than I expected. Very light and portable and the key caps are very pretty. It comes with keycap remover so that you can customize the artisan keycap styles that come extra onto the keyboard.

Minilo 75%
Dmitry M. (San Jose, US)

Minilo 75%

Eric W. (Dallas, US)
Best keyboard ever

It's just perfect. I got exactly what I paid for. Stock keyboard that sounds sexy as hell without the need to customize it. I am very lazy to make a custom keyboard so this suited me very well

Minilo 75%
Mashia T. (Philadelphia, US)
Woooooww very nice

I can’t believe the keyboard was so quiet. I mean I legit am that cat banging on the keyboard and this keyboard completely silenced all my bs. Now my husband complains sooo much less.

Minilo 75%
Hans H.H. (Ludwigshafen am Rhein, DE)
Very silent, very compatible, battery charge is ignored.

This is my first custom keyboard and I am enjoying it very much so far. I was looking for a silent mechanical keyboard with wireless and full customizability, saw this one on Hipyotech's channel and this one does not disappoint. It's fun and feels articulate to type on and the RGB looks pretty nice with many different options. Gaming is very good fun and it felt really intuitive from the get-go. The only thing I am missing is some info on the battery status, when i plug it in to charge i do not really know when or if it is finished. I cant find out how to get info on the battery charge that is has at any given moment. It seems to last quite long, though, so that is definitely a plus. I was a little worried whether or not it would get me into bios and such and work while installing OS but there were zero issues with that. I used to have an old keyboard hidden in the background just in case I need to troubleshoot but that's a thing of the past it seems. That thing was never on a wire during the 3 or 4 weeks I have used it now. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but the space bar is 1mm lifted up compared top the alt keys next to it. I don't really mind it and it's probably in my interest as far as I'm concerned. The switches all work very well even though they are not factory lubed, which I am not sure of, but I have never read that anywhere in the descriptions or marketing. They are super smooth, no scratching that everyone seems to be so afraid of. The PBT keycaps seem to be of high quality and the retro style colors are more vivid than I expected them to be. We'll see how fast they age. This keyboard is a lot sturdier than I expected, sits there rock solid on my desk which is a lot nicer than my 10-year-old steelseries keyboard which seemed to move a little bit in comparison. Thank you very much for this.