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Victory 67

Victory 67

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FAQ of Varmilo Victory

Q: For the software, after changing some settings can I close the program after and it will remember it while I'm gaming or would I need to keep the program open?

A: You don’t need software to run in the background. All the features work straight from the keyboard.


Q: Are the switches north facing or south facing? 

A: The switches are north facing.


Q: Are there any deadzones?

A: The deadzone is 0.1mm (Not terminal) or 0.3mm (Terminal).


Q: What keycap profile?

A: It's similar to OEM profile.


Q: Is there warranty?  If so, how long?

A: Yes, there is an one-year warranty.


Q: What's the cN force start and cN force end of the switches used in the Varmilo Victory?

A: Key start force: 30gf   

    Key end force: 50gf


Q: Do you charge right away for preorder or only when it's about to ship?

A: We charge it right away. Order early and it will be shipped early.

Shipping Policy


 VAT or import tax included?

Due to the customs policy of different destinations, we CANNOT guarantee if there is a tax for you. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax of your shipping destination. Please let us know if the customs reach out for anything, we may provide our suggestion if possible.

European Union VAT

If you are located in the European Union, and your product amount is under €150, we will charge the VAT when you place an order.

Then there is no more tax needed.

If your order amount is over €150, then the local Customs will charge customs duties and VAT.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 


Where do you ship from?

  • We ship from China.
  • Some SKUs will be shipped from the US. 

     (Minilo75% Bluebell & Retro)


What countries do you ship to?

  • Varmilo uses DHL Express and Cainiao Global Express / Flyt Express to ship the orders.
  • We ship to countries that DHL Express services. 
  • Shipping rates will show when you enter a shipping address on the Checkout page.

    When can I receive my order?

    • In-stock items usually take 3-7 days by DHL Express. If you choose Cainiao Global Express / Flyt Express, the shipping rate is lower but it takes 10-20 days.
    • Pre-sale items will have an estimated delivery time marked on the product page.


    Payment Method

    • Paypal and Credit Card


    Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipment once the product is en route.
    • But you can contact DHL to change the address. 

    Varmilo Victory Magnet Switch Wired Hot-Swap RGB 67 Keys Metal Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

    Key start force: 30gf

    Key end force: 50gf

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    TRỊNH Đ. (Hanoi, VN)
    Varmilo victory

    Tôi bị điện giật liên tục khi chạm vào vỏ bàn phím này, điều này làm tôi rất bực mình vì khi tôi đang tập trung để chơi game mà lại bị phân tâm quá nhiều.

    Kaustubh I. (Bengaluru, IN)
    Great looks and build quality

    Looks very good and feels good to use. It's nice that the switches are pre lubed and the keyboard doesn't rattle out of the box.
    Also the hall effect sensors make this my favourite keyboard

    Victor R. (Lausanne, CH)
    Best quality price keyboard

    Solid build
    Only negative point is that I lost the coating on a corner of the W due to usage.
    But this keyboard is a huge W

    kaz v.


    Taylor A.

    I was on the hunt for a Ghost in the Shell-like-themed keyboard that was pre-built and found there were none in existence, but when browsing through the internet I came across this keyboard and it fit the aesthetic and likeness to the show perfectly so I bought it without hesitation. This keyboard is unlike any I've ever owned. For the price it is insane how many custom features you are getting, The specs are unreal and I've never seen a pre-build have such quality I mean did you see the features on the page?! I love the weight of the keyboard, how it sounds, and how it feels, everything on it feels well-made and durable. My favorite feature is just the design, overall it reminds me of 2000's Toonami vibes so I couldn't be happier. The customer support is phenomenal, the driver link for the keyboard was not working and I emailed them and they had it fixed the same day for me. I highly recommend this keyboard if you are on edge about it.

    Cuong Q.

    Keyboard sounds and performs great, I love the rapid trigger for DJ MAX Respect V (rhythm game) and other games. The reason I docked 1 star off it is because there hasn't been any software updates, the profile switching is currently bugged for switching between rapid trigger profiles (your last setting saves to all profiles, so I have to manually change the settings each time when I have different settings for games and typing or even different types of games).

    Brett W.

    I love this keyboard so far! It's actually crazy how much of a difference this keyboard has made in little time for me.

    The case is immaculate and solid, the key caps and switches are premium as well. The packaging was the best I've seen on a keyboard purchase I've made. There are no cut corners when you purchase this keyboard.

    Also the shipping was fast! I Ordered my Victory 67 on a Thursday and received it by Wednesday the next week. For over seas shipping I was expecting much longer!

    Overall I have to say I look forward to coming home everyday just to play games on this keyboard. It really is a quality product!

    Giacomo C.

    Amazin keyboard, solid construction, real full aluminium body,and magnetic switch with a fantastic touch sense.Really happy about this varmilo victory..just for real player!

    Kiki A.

    Very good keyboard, it sounds and feels really good. Stabilisers are steady and the switches are easy to swap. My spacebar switch has some issues as it sometimes didn't register the click but I just swapped it with a key I don't use as much and now it's all good:)

    Victor R.

    GREAT Keyboard, smooth and pleasent sound, high build quality, if you are wondering to buy it, don't hesitate.
    The only thing that I dislike is that maybe in a few months I will need to change the keycaps, I play FPS quite a lot and the W keycap start to erase the peinture in a corner