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Brand Development History


Varmilo 阿米洛创立于中国广东深圳,隶属于深圳市志海和科技有限公司旗下。拥有完善的机械键盘设计研发、生产销售能力。得益于自有工厂,阿米洛对产品素质的把控优于传统 OEM品牌。故阿米洛对于旗下产品的理念是“对标国际顶尖品牌,坚持走高端路线,在同价位产品中,阿米洛要做最好的,在同素质产品中,阿米洛要做最具性价比的。”

Varmilo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2013, the symbolic mechanical keyboard brand of Zhihaihe Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of mechanical keyboards. The advent of Varmilo facilitates the company to transform from a sole manufacturer to a brand innovator.

Thanks to the self-owned factory, Varmilo is able to conduct better quality control than traditional OEM brands. Therefore, the philosophy of Varmilo is to benchmark top global brands and produce high-end products. Compared in price, Varmilo offers you the best quality; compared in quality, Varmilo is the most cost-effective.



Varmilo put forward the brand-new concept–themed keyboard, with the buttress of its leading dye-sub technology. The ground-breaking brand is the well-known Sakura. Since then, keyboard is no longer a sole input tool but a piece of art that represents aesthetics and can serve as a desk decor. Taking the tidal trend, Varmilo started to rise and expand.


阿米洛确立其 slogan——“键盘艺术家”,并陆续推出熊猫,森灵,海韵,夜色等一系列主题键盘产品,他们各具特色,成为一款又一款经典产品;


Varmilo announced to build itself as a keyboard artist. More members then joined the Themed Keyboard family, including Panda, Forest Fairy, Sea Melody, Yakumo, etc. All are distinctive and classic. A technological breakthrough was achieved as well. The independently researched and developed electronic-capacitive mechanical keyboard (hereinafter referred to as “EC mechanical keyboard”) won great approval and recognition with its fabulous typing experience.



Varmilo brought to the world a fresh series called Zhongguoniang. Designers perfectly mingle traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics. With the keyboard as the carrier, the Koi and Peking Opera series took a big market share. Varmilo became the symbol of the Guochao keyboard. Both brand image and sales witnessed a tremendous leap.


阿米洛继续延续其设计风格,并在技术层面继续发力,推出“阿米洛静电容 V2 机械键盘”,手感品质较 2018版本全面提升,上市仅半年,其在品牌内占有率便已超过经典德国 cherry轴体,阿米洛从此完成从核心技术、设计制造、品牌运营全自有的品牌布局。

Varmilo maintained its design style and speeded up technological advancement. Varmilo electronic-capacitive mechanical keyboard version two (hereinafter referred to as “V2”). The overall quality and typing experience exceed the previous version. Only half a year after the product release, V2 surpassed the keyboard giant Cherry in brand share. Varmilo, evolved into a totally self-owned brand with core technology, leading design and manufacturing capability, and unique brand operation.


2022 年,阿米洛推出全新设计风格的minilo 系列键盘,minilo 一改阿米洛丰富的主题设计,采用低饱和度的莫兰迪风格设计,搭配圆润可爱的外观设计,一经推出便成为阿米洛新的爆款产品,销量在海内外都获得了非常好的表现。

In 2022, Varmilo released its Minilo series of mechanical keyboards with a novel design. Minilo selects not to inherit Varmilo' s rich theme design but adopts the Morandi style with low saturation. Adding rounded corners and an adorable shape, Minilo made a spectacular debut in the mechanical keyboard market and has witnessed great sales at home and abroad.