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<tc>Moonlight</tc> 87/88/108/109

<tc>Moonlight</tc> 87/88/108/109

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Varmilo Switches Introduction


  • Varmilo  switches
  • Kailh&Varmilo switches
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Gateron switches

Brief intro of Varmilo switches:

 Switch Features
Varmilo EC V2 Sakura similar to Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Rose a little heavier than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Daisy lighter than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Moxa similar to Sakura
Varmilo EC V2 Iris similar to Holy Panda
Varmilo EC V2 Ivy similar to Cherry Blue
Varmilo EC V2 Violet similar to Cherry Brown
Varmilo EC V2 Jasmine similar to Cherry Silver
Varmilo Daisy L mechanical switch, hot-swappable

EC Orange

EC Sakura

EC Rose

EC Jasmine

EC Ivy

 EC Moxa

 EC Iris

 EC Violet

 EC Silent Saisy

 varmilo mechanical switches

 Varmilo Daisy L

2 kailh switches

Brief intro of Kailh switches:

 Switch Features
Kailh Prestige Silent similar to Cherry Silent Red
Kailh Prestige Red similar to Sakura
Kailh Prestige Light similar to Daisy 
Kailh Prestige Voice good to hear
Kailh Prestige Clicky similar to Ivy

Kailh Prestige Red

Kailh Prestige Clicky

Kailh Crane

Kailh Prestige Light

Kailh Prestige Silent

Kailh Prestige Voice

cherry switches

Cherry Red

Cherry Blue

 Cherry Brown

Cherry Silent Red

Gateron Switches

G Red pro 2.0

G Yellow pro 2.0

G White pro 2.0

G Silver pro 2.0

 G Brown pro 2.0



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    Varmilo Moonlight 68/87/108 Tasten, weiße, kabelgebundene mechanische Tastatur mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung

    Modell Verbindung Hot-Swap-fähig Hintergrundbeleuchtung
    VEA/VEM Kabelgebunden NEIN Weiß




    Untere Montage (80 %)

    Obere Montage (110 %)

    Tastenkappen: PBT

    USB-Schnittstelle: Typ-C

    Ständer: Zweistufig

    Gewicht: 1,6 kg (80 %) / 2 kg (110 %)


    359x134,7x35,5mm (80%)

    455,2 x 138,75 x 36,5 mm (110 %)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Evan R.

    Love it!

    Max B.

    The keyboard has been great! I just wish that I picked a different type of switch and theme but it's been a really great device.

    I had an issue a few months ago where some of the keys kept cutting out randomly but after I updated my PC it started working normally and has been ever since.

    Tim S.

    Pretty and good Keyboard but got here a bit "dirty"

    Kevin T.

    I've tried out a few types of keyboards and this one's my 1st mechanical one. I love the feel of these keys and the present yet subtle sound it makes it super satisfying! I'd say my only real complaint is that I wish it had more color options and maybe some RBGs. I also had some funny windows key locking but I quick google search told me what I accidentally hit to disable those keys lol 9/10 Keyboard and I'm probably gonna stick with Varmilo going forward.

    Terence T.

    I thought the key board will be quieter but its good.

    Guy N.

    Happy with my purchase. Exactly as advertised.

    Hannah O.

    I LOVE this keyboard. It's very smooth and it's amazing how silent it is. Perfect for my workplace where it's a cubicle setting. I just wish they came out with the Mendozae themed silent keyboard. I would gift one to myself and one to another =]

    john c.

    This keyboard is peace of mind made physical, unlike my previous keyboard that was so loud, I could wake the entire house at night. The packaging was gorgeous and even came with an iridescent bag, The keycaps it comes with has a nice, smooth and dull feel, and the Kailh Prestige Silent switches help make this keyboard practically silent, so much so that I can't hear it when listening to quiet videos like asmr, and when I do hear it, it's a satisfying clack. And I still have yet to hear any complaints from roommates about how loud my midnight gaming is, 2 weeks in

    Kyle E.

    It has some heft which I like. The keys are nice and silent. A little touchy that sometimes the space key gets registered if I'm not paying attention to other key presses while I have my thumb resting on it, press down just a tad during a game and then I'm jumping when I don't mean to. But I'm very happy with it, just need to get used to that.

    Péter Á.

    Amazing ty ! :)