The New Varmilo Beijing Opera Themed Keyboard.

Varmilo has released a new set of mechanical keyboards and other accessories. These Varmilo products come with a beautifully designed Beijing opera theme. They have a high level of detail. Along with being durable premium keyboards, these keyboards have designs that you may haven’t seen on a keyboard.

The Beijing Chinese Opera.

Varmilo’s themed keyboards showcase elements of Chinese culture, particularly the Beijing Opera culture. Chinese opera is a quintessential part of Chinese culture. It is a source of joy and entertainment in Asia and the rest of the world.

The Beijing opera came into the limelight during the Qing dynasty. The Chinese opera blossomed in the Qing dynasty(1632-1912). It became an essential part of Chinese culture. The character Mulan was first portrayed in the Chinese opera. The release of the movie Mulan has further strengthened the influence of Chinese Opera.

The Varmilo Beijing Opera themed keyboards.

Varmilo’s Beijing Opera themed keyboards are excellent keyboards for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals. They stand out from a sea of mechanical keyboards in the market.


The keyboards in this product line look stunning, and they are made with high-quality materials. From the switches to the keycaps, Varmilo has spent no expense in giving consumers a premium keyboard. 

These premium keyboards feel very solid in hand and on a flat surface. It doesn’t creak or flex under pressure. They do not wobble while typing or during intense gaming sessions. 

You can use these keyboards on a low profile, which is more convenient for your wrist. You also get the added option of elevating the keyboard with its rubber feet.

The keycaps are made with high-grade PBT material. It has a thickness of 1.3mm. These keycaps are thicker than keycaps that come with traditional mechanical boards. 

The keycaps are more durable and give more satisfying feedback that regular keycaps.

Space bar and the modifiers key have stabilizers to keep them smooth and prevent rattling while typing. 

Multiple Options

Varmilo offers multiple keyboards you can choose from in this line. The Beijing Opera themed product line comes with 60%, 80%, and 110% keyboards. Varmilo also includes a 20% wireless Numpad.

The new Varmilo Beijing Opera themed keyboards come with different switches. You can choose between the Cherry MX switches and the new and improved Varmilo EC switches V2. These switches are top-notch switches that give you enjoyable typing feels.


Varmilo produces premium mechanical keyboards that are very affordable. These keyboards are engineered with high-quality parts that serve you a very long time. Buying a Varmilo keyboard is a worthwhile investment.

Elegant design and finish

The Beijing Opera themed keyboards are nothing short of breath-taking. Varmilo lives up to the reputation of making gorgeous keyboards. The Beijing Opera themed keyboards display the beauty and elegance of the Chinese National Opera.

The Beijing Opera themed keyboards’ design was inspired by a painting from the legendary animator and illustrator Li Huan. His original painting was deconstructed, and key elements were incorporated in the creation of the keyboards.

The keyboard texts are in English and an ancient Chinese script, which is called the Bronze Script. It translates to ‘Gold writing’; this is because the script was engraved on metal containers before the paper was invented. This ancient Chinese script was used in the Shang Dynasty and became lost for nearly two thousand years.

You will find the scripts on the keycaps. The bronze script’s special characters were carefully chosen to represent different alphanumeric and function keys on the keyboard. 

The image and reference of elements

The word ‘Chu’, which means clown, represents the letter C in English. The character ‘Dan’, which translates to actress, represents the letter ‘D’. ( This is also in line with the Beijing opera theme).

Function keys are aptly matched by the characters from the Chinese bronze script. For example, the symbol that represents caps lock is the symbol of yin-yang, which denotes duality, and harmony.

The symbol represents the dual states of a letter; Uppercase and lowercase.

The characters on the directional keys represent the four auspicious beasts. These mythical creatures in eastern mythology guide the West, East, North, and the South.

The board itself is embossed with patterns that represent characters from the Chinese Opera. The patterns on the keyboards symbolize the Chinese dragon, red sun, and seawater. 

These patterns were created with gold embroidery, following the style of Chinese traditional art. For instance, the red sun is used on the escape and enter keys to symbolise the beauty of a sunrise.

Varmilo Beijing Opera themed keyboards come with a decorative belt underneath them. The design was inspired by a costume element in Chinese culture, the belt. At the back, you will find information about the keyboard on a jade buckle, around which the strap extends is designed with beautiful clouds.

The Beijing Opera themed Keyboards and accessories.

Let us introduce you to the new Beijing themed Opera Varmilo products.

Varmilo VA87M Beijing Opera themed keyboard.

The VA87M keyboard is a superb keyboard in the Beijing Opera themed line of products. It comes with the popular Cherry MX switches. You can choose between the Cherry MX Red, Blue, or the Cherry MX Brown switches. The keyboard is perfect for gaming and typing.

The VA87M comes with 87 keys and has the ANSI layout. It is for those who want a robust and yet, a compact keyboard. The keyboard is well built the weighs approximately 2 kg. It comes with adjustable rubber feet for increasing the elevation. The keycaps are made with PBT, and they are very sturdy.

This keyboard is fully compatible with Windows OS. It can also be used on Mac OS, but the shortcut keys are not supported.

Varmilo VB21M Beijing Opera Bluetooth Numpad.

If you want an additional Numpad to your keyboard, the VB21M is the right product for you. The VB21M is a wireless Numpad which will help boost your productivity and efficiency. It is more flexible than having a full layout keyboard, which comes with the Cherry MX Brown switch and has no LED lights.

It is a compact Numpad that still has the elegance and unique style of the Beijing Opera theme. The colors and design make it a joy to use. The typing feels on this wireless Numpad is excellent. Its dimensions are 125.3X 85.9 X39.9mm, and it weighs 0.54kg.

The VB21M Beijing Opera Bluetooth Numpad comes with a fast and reliable Bluetooth 5.0 technology for seamless transfer of information between your keyboard and your computer. It contains all the 21 necessary keys in a Numpad. It can be used on a Windows computer and also with Mac OS.

Varmilo VA108M Beijing Opera themed Keyboard.

The VA108M Varmilo keyboard is a full layout keyboard. It is a 110% keyboard, and it has 108 keys. You can choose between Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Silent Red, and Speed Silver switches. 

The VA108M Beijing Opera themed Keyboard uses USB 2.0 technology for connectivity. It more robust than other keyboards In the Opera themed line. It weighs approximately 2.5 kg, and its dimensions are 442X 137 X 33 mm. The keyboard comes with adjustable rubber feet at the back of the keyboard. 

As expected, the keyboard gives a premium typing experience with the extensive real estate you get on this keyboard. It is fully compatible with Windows OS and Partially with Mac OS. You get to see the full beauty of the Beijing Opera inspired design on the VA108M keyboard. 

Varmilo Miya Pro Beijing Opera Keyboard.

The Miya pro Beijing Opera keyboard is a 65% keyboard that still retains the Beijing opera’s originality and beauty. It is for users who want a compact keyboard for typing, gaming, and light use. There are 68 keys on the keyboard. The Miya Pro Beijing Opera keyboard is an ANSI layout keyboard.

You can choose from a set of five Cherry MX switches. They are Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Silent Red, and Speed Silver switches. It uses USB-C technology for connectivity, which is faster than USB 2.0. 

It weighs 1.2kg, and its dimensions are 341 X108 X 35mm. You can expect to find useful rubber adjustable feet at the underside of the keyboard. Despite size and weight, it is a stable and reliable 65% keyboard.

Varmilo Miya 68-C Beijing Opera with EC switch V2 Wired Mechanical Keyboard.

The Varmilo EC switches are top-notch switches that last longer and offer superior typing feels that traditional mechanical switches. The Miya 68 keyboard is a compact keyboard with the ANSI layout. Varmilo is offering three new versions of its EC switches. 

You can choose between the Varmilo EC Sakura V2, EC Rose V2, and the EC Daisy V2. These are linear and tactile switches. These switches give premium feels, and they are well suited for different lifestyles and professions. 

Just like the Miya Pro, the Miya 68C uses USB C for lightning-fast connectivity. It is fully compatible with Windows OS, and it can be used on Mac OS. The keyboard is a compact and sturdy keyboard. It weighs just under 1.2 kg, and its dimensions are the adjustable rubber feet that can increase the height of the keyboard by 15mm. It comes with white LED backlighting.

Varmilo MA87M Beijing Opera with EC switch V2 Mechanical Keyboard.

The MA87M EC keyboard fills up more room than the Miya 68-C keyboard. It is an 80% ANSI layout keyboard which contains 87 keys. It is a more compact keyboard than the MA108M EC keyboard. The keycaps (like all keycaps in this lineup) are made with high-grade PBT. You can choose between three Varmilo EC switches V2 for premium, and consistent typing feels.

The keyboard is a wired keyboard that comes with a mini USB cord for connectivity. It weighs about 2 kg, and its dimensions are 356 X 134 X 33mm. It is sturdy and very durable.

Varmilo MA108M Beijing Opera with EC switch V2 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

If you want a 110% keyboard with excellent typing, the Varmilo MA108M keyboard is the best choice. It has 108 keys for your typing pleasure. You choose from different EC V2 switches to match your personality and lifestyle. 

The Varmilo MA108M is the full package. You get a premium keyboard with a fantastic finish. It uses a mini USB cord for connectivity, and it weighs just under 2.5kg. This superb keyboard is rock steady. It won’t wobble or shake while using it. Its dimensions are 442 X 137 X 33mm. The adjustable rubber feet can raise the height further by 20mm.

Experience the full magnificence of the Beijing Opera with the Varmilo MA108M EC Keyboard.

Varmilo Beijing Opera Series Consort Yu Desk Mat

The Beijing Opera desk mat is a must-have for users who want a premium experience with their peripherals. This mat will pair wonderfully with your keyboard and your mouse. It is made with high-quality knitted fabrics. 

It is large enough to accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Its dimensions are 900mm by 400mm. The underside of the mat is made with a thickened natural foam rubber. This gives it extra robustness and a stable grip. Even if you move your mouse rapidly over the desk mat’s surface, it will remain.

This Desk mat is very smooth and comfortable. It is well suited for long hours of gaming and work. The beautiful mat, which is well-matched with the keyboard, will give your desk or work area a touch of style and elegance.

Varmilo Beijing Opera Series Mulan Desk Mat

Like the Consort Yu desk mat, the Mulan desk mat is an elegant mat that will make your workspace more lively and colorful. The design is slightly different from the Consort Yu desk mat. The Mulan desk mat will add a cool effect to your desk.

High quality knitted material and premium thickened rubber make up the desk mat. You can expect nothing but a premium and comfortable feel for working and gaming. 

The Beijing Opera Mulan Desk mat also doubles as a mouse pad. The grip on the mat is excellent. It won’t wiggle while you move your mouse or type with your keyboard.


The Varmilo company has painstakingly dedicated time and resources to provide the best EC mechanical switches you would find on a keyboard. They outlast, outperform, and give better typing feels than their counterparts. Get one and see for yourself.

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