What Is A Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?

Everyone enjoys mechanical keyboards for the comfortable typing performance they offer. But you know what else could make them even better? And while your choices for a wireless mechanical keyboard have been minimal in the past, now you have more options than ever before. Wireless mechanical keyboards can offer the ultimate comfort of cutting a cord, sitting on your desk, not being as positive as a wireless mouse or a headset.

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What are the Benefits of Wireless Mechanical Keyboards?

There is a range of benefits when it comes to Bluetooth or wireless mechanical keyboards. For instance:

More control.

With nothing, you can tie your board down. It’s easier to take your keyboard anywhere it needs to go.

Less clumsy.

Going wireless ensures that your desk can look cleaner and more organized.


Many wireless keyboards work with a cable, too. But if one link fails, you’re going to have a backup solution.

Hence, if you’re thinking whether there’s any value to spending extra money on a wireless mechanical keyboard, you are wondering the right thing. Luckily, there’s nothing about a wireless mechanical keyboard. As a matter of fact, it fits just as well with a mechanical keyboard.

Any other best part related to the mechanic keyboard is going to be there. Hell, you also get low-profile mechanical switches that really minimize the overall thickness of the keyboard, making it much easier to bear. Also, as someone who’s on the go, having a wireless mechanical keyboard has made life so much easier. You don’t have to worry about missing work any time you’re out of the house. Yes, of course, the mileage can vary according to different people. As someone who’s used to working a lot, these keyboards are a lifesaver, as they allow you to work without any concern.

What to Look for in a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?

You may not have as many options for wireless mechanical keyboards as you do with wired keyboards. However, that doesn’t mean you really need to buy just aboard. There’s a lot to consider about mechanical keyboards, which are the factors you should be really concerned about:

Build quality.

Mechanical keyboards are costly. Most keyboards are either made out of plastic or aluminum, with aluminum being one of the most durable but expensive alternatives.


Not too far from the quality building, keycaps on your keyboard are necessary. Most keycaps have either been made of ABS or PBT plastic, with PBT being more durable. However, that doesn’t mean that you can automatically neglect ABS keycaps, as high-quality ABS keycaps are still worth using. There is also a method of double-shooting the legends on the keycaps, which stops them from fading away over time. Some keyboards often provide alternate functions for specific keys using various key combinations. It is helpful to have these alternative functions written on keycaps.

Switch Selection.

The switches that station below each keycap are what make mechanic keyboards unique. There are many loads of different switches available today. Still, they often fall mainly into one of three categories: clicky (switches that make a noticeable “click” noise), tactile (switches with a significant touch but no click), and linear (smooth switches with no tactile bump or click). Switches may also have various stem styles, the usual being the MX cross stem. Non-standard stems rarely have keycaps made aftermarket for them, so this is something important to bear in mind.


There are several keyboard layouts to choose from besides the standard full-size and tenkeyless (full-size layout with the Numpad cut off) layouts that you can see on many boards. So many of these templates have you trading off those keys in exchange for a smaller board. Whether it’s worth it or not, it’s up to you.

Connection Method.

There are several wireless connectivity types. The most noticeable one is Bluetooth, which is also the simplest to use across all systems. But some keyboards depend on a USB-A RF connector to function correctly, while others can use their own special connector. Most wireless boards also offer the option to plug in the keyboard to be used as a regular wired keyboard whenever the battery is low.

Battery Life.

Using a wireless keyboard implies that you’re going to have to think about battery life. It is also important to remember that backlit keyboards can burn substantially faster with the backlight than off.

Battery Type.

While most keyboards have rechargeable batteries, there are still a few that use AA for fuel. We’re going to remember what each keyboard depends on.

Additional Features.

RGB backlighting, swappable keys, macros, and dedicated media controls really aren’t things the keyboard requires to be perfect, but they can make using your new keyboard a lot more pleasant.

Varmilo wireless mechanical keyboards.

The Varmlio wireless keyboards feature an 87-key mid-size structure. Its size-wise falls somewhere in the middle of a compact 75 percent keyboard and a full-size one. These boards use an internal rechargeable battery, not an AA battery.

Varmilo wireless boards are high-quality with robust structure. They come with Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, and Black switches. Or if you prefer Gateron switches, they have been known to use a wide range of switches, typically Blue, Brown, Red, Black or Clear.

You get various color options for keycaps, and their material is PBT, that’s a plus. The legends are dye-sublimation. Normally laser-etched legends, for shortcut function keys, can disappear, but they happen to be side-printed.

Prices for Varmilo wireless keyboards are in the $140 range.  This Bluetooth mech can hardly be in stock in the most reputable shops. If you see one for sale and have the money, it’s better to quickly get it.


Wireless mechanical keyboards are something I haven’t imagined. That being said, judging by how these keyboards are commercially available, it’s only getting any better and better. These keyboards are not quite as perfect as we would have imagined because there are still improvements that need to be done. The battery life of many of these models is outstanding. Still, companies would have to find a way to eradicate the input lag that can become a problem for most users wanting to purchase an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard. Rest assured, since this is modern technology, we expect to see more and more changes made to it as time passes.

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