Mechanical Keyboards: 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Avoid to Get One


Mechanical Keyboards are underrated, while they are beneficial, effective, improve our products, and are durable, many people still doubt if it’s worth spending on.

Therefore, it becomes an interesting topic for me to write on, today, I’ll be unveiling the major reasons you can’t avoid buying a mechanical keyboard ASAP.

Are you ready to start typing at 10X your current WPM? 70WPM could be a story with you, it’s a matter of a few days after reading the article. I believe you’ll actively follow through with an open mind.

Keyboards generally are computer primary input device through which we load information into our computer system, very few people pay attention to it, there’s a general assumption that there’s nothing much about keyboards because we use it every day, we believed we had known it all.

While there are many types of keyboards, a mechanical keyboard is one type you’d not like to miss out on, if you really cared about your efficiency and productivity. Let’s check out some of the major reasons why you should get one today.

Mechanical keyboards are more enjoyable to type on, more robust, and more flexible than traditional membrane, butterfly, or scissor-switch keyboards, they have individual mechanical switches under each key.

A little like traditional keyboards, mechanical keyboards are a bit similar. The truth is, however, that mechanical keyboards have a somewhat different operating principle than standard keyboards. Instead of rubber membranes, the keyboard has a range of dedicated switches.

You can feel how deeply you are pressing a key, how far your fingers are from it, and how firmly you are pressing it. You’re essentially just ‘feeling’ your keyboard. Needless to say, the mechanics are a cut above the membrane keyboard, in this case.

And it can be rewarding for individuals who spend all day typing, programming, or gaming to configure the height, switches, keycaps, configuration, and even the backlight to your exact specifications. I believe that at the end of this article, even if you’re not interested in mechanical keyboards, you’ll love them and would get one today.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

There has been a revival in popularity in recent years, targeting markets from technology professionals to gaming enthusiasts. Maybe you’re curious what a mechanical keyboard is, and why it’s so unique. Well, a keyboard that utilizes mechanical key-switches is called a mechanical keyboard.

For instance, When you click a key on a normal keyboard, the key pushes a rubber dome, which then “squishes” down to make contact with the plastic circuit board. These are called keyboards with a rubber-dome. They use tiny interlocking plastic tabs on most laptop keyboards and slim-profile desktop keyboards that bend when pressed, called scissor-switch keyboards.

Most keyboards do not use an actual reliable switch. As you can see, using these intermediate systems instead can fail over time, feel “mushy” and provide the typist with inconsistent tactile feedback. Different switches can be found in mechanical keyboards with high quality. Cherry MX, ALPS, and buckling spring fell into the three main groups.

It is always true that real professional keyboards of high quality are always mechanical. This keyboard’s life cycle is for more than one year, although the key’s stroke and reaction will not change at all.

Advantages of mechanical Keyboard

  • Mechanical Keyboards: Switches and Their Special Feel

A significant component of any mechanical keyboard is a switch. Each key has a switch to operates on its own. A mechanical switch is used. It is well customized so that the keystroke is clearly felt by the user.

Each switch is responsible for a particular mechanism that emits those characteristic clicks for operating each button. These keyboards are much more complicated and are much more costly and quicker as a result.

Mechanical keyboards make it possible for you to type quicker, more reliably, and more fitting for long-term work.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Provides You with Multiple Layout Options

What size and layout you want is the second and critical decision you’ll have to make before shopping for a mechanical keyboard. You have about a hundred of it, but majorly full-size, tenkeyless, lightweight, and ergonomic.

All the buttons, including letters, numbers, modifiers, function keys, arrow keys, and a number pad, are all on full-size keyboards. Only for people who regularly need the number pad, we suggest this scale. You are forced by large keyboards to further position yourself further away from your body, which can strain your shoulders, neck, and back and make you weary.

Tenkeyless (often abbreviated as TKL) keyboards lack a number pad, but all the other keys are available. We suggest this size for most users because it’s slightly more compact than full-size and has all the most frequently used keys. And standalone number pads are a great alternative if you sometimes need just one, but not really compulsory.

At Varmilo, we offer you the best mechanical keyboards with a wide variety of layouts which range from 65%, 80%, 100% ,and 110% layout respectively for your comfortability. Click here to learn more.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Improve Typing Speed

Everyone likes to get their job done in lesser time, which is another reason you should get a mechanical keyboard. We cannot talk about efficiency in using the computer without discussing how fast one can type with the keyboard.

The faster you can be, the more job you can get done within a short time frame, and who knows if you could add a few bucks to your earning because you’re more efficient at typing than other guys at your work, don’t sleep on this get one right away.

Don’t be surprised you’ll start enjoying typing on the keyboard, leading you into typing more and more thus improving your typing speed which is another goal you’d likely want to achieve before the year run out;)

  • Mechanical Keyboards Offers You Less Typos / Errors

This is specifically for you if you suck at typographical errors and think you’re the only one who couldn’t just type straight without any error, a mechanical keyboard is your best go-to.

A key press’s weight will feel heavier; the spring-activated design needs less physical impact than other models to produce a keystroke. If you’re used to using a membrane keyboard, you may have experienced typos where you didn’t record your message, even though you know for sure you typed it. With the mechanical keyboard, the case is different, you have all your typing without errors.

You can customize the key to suit your fingers better and who wouldn’t want to be as fast as possible with his/her assignment, and that is why you don’t want to sleep on our Mechanical Keyboards.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Are Portable

Unlike the cheap membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboards are portable and flexible, easy to pack that you can take it along with you anywhere you go. I’d love to call it to use on the go, work anytime, work everywhere.

Because of its unique ergonomic features, keystroke, non-slip mechanical switches, and amazing illumination designs, a portable mechanical keyboard has become more popular worldwide. If, however, you spend a lot of time at your desk on the monitor or laptop screen, we’ll say it’s mainly for you.

In business and academic settings, these keyboards provide a nice typing experience. Due to strong and convenient gaming and typing experience, most gamers and typists prefer portable mechanical keyboards. These are top peripheral for typing and gaming. So, maybe that could be an explanation for its success.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Are Programmable

Apparently, most people like to have their gadget customized, if you’re one of these people who like to model things after their satisfaction, a mechanical keyboard is undoubtedly a must-go option for you.

They provide you with the ability to assign specific functions, rearrange the keys to suit your taste, and have a good time gamming coding or typing in a pleasurable and personalized way.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Are Ergonomically Designed

Mechanical Keyboard is ergonomic in nature, they are designed to encourage efficiency and decrease fatigue while operating.

These keyboards resemble your traditional flat keyboard pretty much, their design and form being the only difference. The model helps to align your hands correctly while typing, preventing you from straining your wrists.

When using an ergonomic office chair, why do you want to keep a comfortable sitting posture? I bet you take the time to get the right office desk for the same reason; to keep a safe sitting posture! For the keyboard, the same goes.

You facilitate proper shoulder alignment by correctly putting your wrists on the keyboard, which trickles down to your entire body’s proper positioning.

When you ignore your hand placement, it’s not enough to concentrate on your sitting stance. Go the whole way! Your safe body would be grateful.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Comes with full Lighting and RGB.

Why waste a huge amount of money buying a lamp when you can get a mechanical keyboard fully fitted with proper lighting and even Fashionable RGB lighting suitable for your cool dark room.

Aside from that, the light creates excitement, which fuels you to stay productive while you work. With this mechanical Keyboard, you can enjoy gaming at night, complete your assignments overnight and even deliver your project at a faster pace. You no need bulb lighting in the room; enjoy yourself even in a blackout!

  • Mechanical Keyboards Are Easy to Clean

There is always a chance of accidentally filling dirt and some sort of liquid between the keys on the keyboard. In such cases, compared to membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards can be disassembled at any time and making them very reliable for cleaning.

If one of the keys gets stuck while you type, causing the endless problem, don’t worry again, you’re not alone, it’s easier to reach the internal system to check what’s going on or why it’s stuck, just by removing the keycaps and reconnecting them again.

Even, if a key fails, it’s simple to repair the issue by simply individually replacing the key. You need to change the whole process in the case of other keyboards. It is much easier to clean and restore the mechanical keyboard, making it much more comfortable.

  • Mechanical Keyboards Are Durability

Many types of membrane keyboards can be found in the market, but many are produced from low-quality materials. Therefore, making the inside parts could get loosened in a short time. A membrane keyboard’s lifespan is much shorter. The number is defined by a survey as 5 to 20 million key presses.

Regardless of the manufacturer, mechanical switches are certified to last longer than rubber-dome switches pretty much across the board. So even though a mechanical keyboard costs ten times the cost of a cheap dome-switch keyboard, even if you mistakenly spill drinks on it, you’re still in safer hands, the mechanical one should last long enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Moreover, over the years at Varmilo, most of our buyer has told us that our mechanical keyboards are more durable, so they prefer and recommend us to other people.


Mechanical Keyboard is no doubt a gadget you should get for yourself in 2021 and beyond. If you are looking for a reliable mechanical keyboard, you’re just in the right place.

Our Varmilo EC mechanical keyboard uses Electrostatic Capacitance in their switches; they outshine typical mechanical keyboards and provide all the premium feelings you expect from one. These keyboards have elegant designs and beautiful colors and specifically made for you, you can’t afford to miss them, buy one today.

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