Q: Keys switched

A: Hold Fn down and press ESC about 4 seconds, if Capslocked backlight can flash 3 times, it means reset succeed.

If FN and left WIN swapped,hold left WIN down, and press ESC about 4 seconds, capslocked backlight will flash 3 times.


Q: Tri-mode keyboard (VPE, VXT, VBS, VTP) 2.4g wireless receiver re-pairing

A: First, press Fn+Delete to switch the keyboard to 2.4G mode.(Sword68: the wireless mode switch is underneath the CAPSLOCK key, and you need to remove the keycap and turn button to toggle.)
At this time, the F4 or number 4 indicator light flashes slowly.
Press and hold Fn+F4 or Fn+R for about 5 seconds, F4 or the number 4 will turn into a flash, then plug in the included 2.4g wireless receiver.
Note: The new keyboard's 2.4g wireless receiver is plug-and-play, no need to re-pair.


Q: Backlit issues

A: If you cannot control the backlight, it may be that the Fn key and the left Win key have exchanged positions. Please press and hold Fn+ESC for 3 seconds to reset the keyboard.
Common key combinations to control the backlight are:

Fn+X (Turn on/off)

Fn+↑↓ (Lightness)

Fn+←→ (Effects)


Q: A single key in the numerical area or letter area of the MA, VEM, VPM, VPB keyboard fails.

A: Remove the keycap of the failed key, press and hold the stem, then put a drop of alcohol into it, press it repeatedly, and wait for the alcohol to evaporate to have a chance of recovery.
Remove the keycap of the failed key, press and hold the stem, turn on the highest setting of the hair dryer, and aim the air outlet at the inside of the switch to blow away any debris that may exist between the metal pieces.
Please be careful to unplug the data cable or turn off the keyboard before repairing the keyboard, otherwise the PCB may be damaged.


Q: How to clean mouse pad, keyboard and keycaps?

A: Soak the mouse pad in warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius for a while, then apply some detergent and lightly brush the surface of the mouse pad with a brush. At this time, the dust and stains on the table mat will dissolve in the warm water.
After rinsing with clean water, squeeze out the water and hang it in a cool place to dry. Be careful not to use excessive force to avoid deformation of the table mat.

We do not recommend customers disassemble the keyboard and clean the inside by themselves, as this may damage the casing or affect the warranty. Use a small brush to brush away the hair and dust between the switches. 

Be careful not to use alcohol-containing liquids to wipe the UV-printed pattern on the keyboard shell, and do not store the keyboard in direct sunlight high temperature, or other abnormal environments for a long time.

Both the dye-sublimation printed PBT keycaps and the two-color molded ABS keycaps can be cleaned with detergent. Be sure to dry the moisture thoroughly before reinstalling the keyboard, otherwise the keys may malfunction.


Q: All keys on the VA87M, VA108M, VEA87, and VEA108 keyboards are unresponsive, but the keyboard can be recognized by the computer as a USB input device. 

A: Download these two firmwares: VA_ModifyRegRelease & VA108

Double-click to open "ModifyReg.exe" in the first firmware, click "Set BCTL" until "OK" is prompted. Then unplug the keyboard and plug it back in!
Then, when updating the second firmware on a Windows computer, it is best to delete the Chinese in the file import path, otherwise an error may be reported.
An error when running "ModifyReg.exe" does not affect the final result of upgrading the firmware.