About Us

Brand Development History


Varmilo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2013, the symbolic mechanical keyboard brand of Zhihaihe Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of mechanical keyboards. The advent of Varmilo facilitates the company to transform from a sole manufacturer to a brand innovator.

Thanks to the self-owned factory, Varmilo is able to conduct better quality control than traditional OEM brands. Therefore, the philosophy of Varmilo is to benchmark top global brands and produce high-end products. Compared in price, Varmilo offers you the best quality; compared in quality, Varmilo is the most cost-effective.


Varmilo put forward the brand-new concept–themed keyboard, with the buttress of its leading dye-sub technology. The ground-breaking brand is the well-known Sakura. Since then, keyboard is no longer a sole input tool but a piece of art that represents aesthetics and can serve as a desk decor. Taking the tidal trend, Varmilo started to rise and expand.


Varmilo announced to build itself as a keyboard artist. More members then joined the Themed Keyboard family, including Panda, Forest Fairy, Sea Melody, Yakumo, etc. All are distinctive and classic. A technological breakthrough was achieved as well. The independently researched and developed electronic-capacitive mechanical keyboard (hereinafter referred to as “EC mechanical keyboard”) won great approval and recognition with its fabulous typing experience.


Varmilo brought to the world a fresh series called Zhongguoniang. Designers perfectly mingle traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics. With the keyboard as the carrier, the Koi and Peking Opera series took a big market share. Varmilo became the symbol of the Guochao keyboard. Both brand image and sales witnessed a tremendous leap.


Varmilo maintained its design style and speeded up technological advancement. Varmilo electronic-capacitive mechanical keyboard version two (hereinafter referred to as “V2”). The overall quality and typing experience exceed the previous version. Only half a year after the product release, V2 surpassed the keyboard giant Cherry in brand share. Varmilo, evolved into a totally self-owned brand with core technology, leading design and manufacturing capability, and unique brand operation.


In 2022, Varmilo released its Minilo series of mechanical keyboards with a novel design. Minilo selects not to inherit Varmilo' s rich theme design but adopts the Morandi style with low saturation. Adding rounded corners and an adorable shape, Minilo made a spectacular debut in the mechanical keyboard market and has witnessed great sales at home and abroad.


Last year, Varmilo focused on the Silent keyboard. Bluebell with Kailh Prestige Silent switches became the best sellers. While retaining the first-class feel, it creates a quiet typing atmosphere for you. Whether it is for office work, gaming, day or midnight, it is a good choice.