FAQ of Varmilo Victory

Q: For the software, after changing some settings can I close the program after and it will remember it while I'm gaming or would I need to keep the program open?

A: You don’t need software to run in the background. All the features work straight from the keyboard.


Q: Are the switches north facing or south facing? 

A: The switches are north facing.


Q: Are there any deadzones?

A: The deadzone is 0.1mm (Not terminal) or 0.3mm (Terminal).


Q: What keycap profile?

A: It's similar to OEM profile.


Q: Is there warranty?  If so, how long?

A: Yes, there is an one-year warranty.


Q: What's the cN force start and cN force end of the switches used in the Varmilo Victory?

A: Key start force: 30gf   

    Key end force: 50gf