The Stability Offered By the Varmilo Loong and Phoenix Theme Keyboard

Varmilo has released a new range of mechanical keyboards and other accessories. Varmilo launched its mechanical theme keyboard on January 15th, 2021: Varmilo Loong and Varmilo Phoenix. These Varmilo products are available with a nicely crafted Phoenix and loong theme. They have an elevated degree of detail. These keyboards have designs that you may not have seen on a keyboard, in addition to being robust premium keyboards.

Loong and Phoenix Theme Keyboard as Symbol of Chinese Culture

Two symbols from the old Chinese totem culture are the loong and the phoenix. In the last few thousand years, they have become noble and sacred signs. The loong and the phoenix are known in the hearts of the Chinese people as their gods.

For Varmilo Loong and Varmilo Phoenix, respectively, we select colors from the old pine tree and a traditional Chinese medicine called cinnabar. Typically, both colors are considered to be associated with ancient Chinese culture. For fans, gamers, and professionals, Varmilo Loong and Phoenix-themed keyboards are excellent keyboards. They step out from the market’s sea of mechanical keyboards.



1. High-quality

In this product and theme line, the keyboards look beautiful and are made of high-quality materials. Varmilo has spent a fortune on supplying customers with a quality keyboard from the switches to the keycaps.

These quality keyboards feel very good on a flat surface and in your palm. Under pressure, it doesn’t creak or flex. When typing or during intense gaming sessions, they do not wobble.

These keyboards can also be used in a smaller size, which is more comfortable for your hand. You also get the additional option of raising the keyboard with its rubber feet.

High-grade PBT material is used for their keycaps. It’s around 1.3mm thick. These keycaps, which come with conventional mechanical boards, are thicker than keycaps.

Their keycaps are more robust than standard keycaps and offer more satisfying input.

To keep them smooth and avoid rattling, the space bar and the modifier key have stabilizers when typing.

2. Wood Grain Case

Varmilo Loong and Varmilo Phoenix outer cases are plated in sandalwood-style and redwood-style both, with manufacturing technology “water transfer printing” applied. In addition, the wood grain style offers a similar solid wood texture. When the mechanics interact with natural wood, the elegance of mechanics is established.

In a wooden grain case, Varmilo put this mechanical keyboard; they also decorate your mechanical switches to function elegantly as well; so you can feel the warmth and feeling of your mechanical keyboards.

3. Multiple Options

In this collection, the Phoenix and Loong theme product line comes with 100% keyboards.

Various switches come with the latest Varmilo phoenix and loong-themed keyboards. You can select between the latest and updated Varmilo EC Switches V2 and the Cherry MX Switches. These switches are top-notch switches that give you a good feeling of typing.

4. Elegant Design and Finish

Nothing short of breath-taking is the phoenix and loong theme. Varmilo stays true to the picture of manufacturing beautiful mechanical keyboards. The Phoenix and Loong’s theme keyboards show the beauty and elegance of China’s national and valued culture.

The design of the phoenix and Loong keyboards was influenced by the embodiment of the yang (male) idea, while the phoenix was combined with the loong (yin, female). They were used on the buildings, clothes, and other everyday uses of imperial palace articles as decorative signs to strongly demonstrate that the emperor is the true loong and son of heaven. The original painting has been revised and key elements have been integrated into the keyboard design.


The Element of Phoenix and Loong Theme Keyboard

Loong and phoenix themes are represented in the images built for the ESC key.

Ten numeric keys shape a loong or phoenix jigsaw,

The loong is roaring against the “enter” vertical key, triggering high waves.

In flames, the phoenix goes to nirvana, and the ash of its burning feather falls onto the vertical entry key’s surface. The Chinese characters above the upper numeral main zone are derived from an ancient “Nine Floors Up in the Sky” Chinese fairy tale.

The picture on the WIN key is modeled as waves for the loong and fires for the phoenix as a distinction for their respective features.

Following the theme of traditional Chinese art, these patterns were made with Chinese embroidery. For example, to symbolize culture’s beauty, ten numerical keys make up a loong and phoenix jigsaw.


The Phoenix and Loong Theme Keyboard Accessories

Let us lead you to the latest Varmilo items with Loong and Phoenix themes.

  1. Varmilo VA104S Loong wired keyboard VA104SC1W/LL6Y5SV

In the Varmilo Loong-themed line of products, the VA104S long wired keyboard is an excellent keyboard. The famous Cherry MX switches come with it. The Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Cherry MX Brown switches can be picked. The keyboard is suitable for typing and gaming.

The VA104S is fitted with 104 keys and has an ANSI design. It’s for those who want a solid keyboard, but a lightweight one. The keyboard is well constructed and weighs about 2.5 kg. To raise the height, it comes with adjustable rubber feet. With PBT, the keycaps are made, and they are very robust.

With a fantastic finish, you get a premium keyboard. A mini-USB cord is used for connectivity. This magnificent keyboard is rock steady. When using it, it will not wobble or shake. Its size is 442 X 137 X 33mm.

This keyboard is completely Windows OS compliant. It can be used on Mac OS as well, but it does not support shortcut keys.

The height can be increased further by 20mm by the adjustable rubber feet.

With the Varmilo VA104S Keyboard, you can feel the full magnificence of the Varmilo Loong theme keyboard.


2.Varmilo VA104S Phoenix wired keyboard VA104SC1W/LL5Y5SV

The Varmilo VA104S Phoenix wired keyboard fills the ANSI layout keyboard with 104 keys for more space. The Cherry MX Red, Blue, or the Cherry MX Brown switches are also available to choose from. For gaming and typing, the keyboard is also fine.

The keyboard is a wired keyboard that comes with a communication mini-USB cable. It weighs around 2.5 kg and is 442 X 137 X 33mm in size. It’s robust and very durable.

As anticipated, with the extensive real estate you get on this keyboard, the keyboard provides a premium typing experience. It is completely compatible with Windows OS. You get to see the complete elegance of the VA104S keyboard’s Phoenix wired keyboard-inspired.




Varmilo managed to survive the year 2020 with great hard work and determination. Yet, the future ahead is still not apparent. Nevertheless, we will not get caught up in fear of the uncertain future and interrupt our pace of progressing forward.

The disasters that occurred in 2020 seem to be a warning sent by nature that alerts people always to be vigilant and value nature, thus limiting their egos and behaving prudently in the developing economy. This tough experience on the other side of the issue also encourages us to fight fearlessly. We assume that opportunities coexist with problems, and the world will enter into a new normal when we get past the present dilemma.

2020 was a year far beyond the hopes of anyone. Though all of us were well equipped to reach a new age with great expectations, circumstances changed radically, and we were all unexpectedly faced with a sequence of unexpected events. The planet was almost shut down by ethnic wars, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and a global pandemic triggered by COVID-19, leading to worldwide anarchy. Varmilo, therefore, presents the Varmilo Loong and Varmilo Phoenix mechanical keyboards to you at the beginning of 2021. To have the best theme you’d find on a keyboard, the Varmilo Company has carefully devoted time and energy. They outmatch, outshine, and have better typing feelings than their peers. Get yourself one and see for yourself. In the New Year, we expect that these two sacred ancient icons will bring luck and goodwill to the world, and we wish all human beings happiness soon.

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