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阿米洛104 计算器机械键盘

阿米洛104 计算器机械键盘

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Varmilo Switches Introduction


  • Varmilo  switches
  • Kailh&Varmilo switches
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Gateron switches

Brief intro of Varmilo switches:

 Switch Features
Varmilo EC V2 Sakura similar to Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Rose a little heavier than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Daisy lighter than Cherry Red
Varmilo EC V2 Moxa similar to Sakura
Varmilo EC V2 Iris similar to Holy Panda
Varmilo EC V2 Ivy similar to Cherry Blue
Varmilo EC V2 Violet similar to Cherry Brown
Varmilo EC V2 Jasmine similar to Cherry Silver
Varmilo Daisy L mechanical switch, hot-swappable

EC Orange

EC Sakura

EC Rose

EC Jasmine

EC Ivy

 EC Moxa

 EC Iris

 EC Violet

 EC Silent Saisy

 varmilo mechanical switches

 Varmilo Daisy L

2 kailh switches

Brief intro of Kailh switches:

 Switch Features
Kailh Prestige Silent similar to Cherry Silent Red
Kailh Prestige Red similar to Sakura
Kailh Prestige Light similar to Daisy 
Kailh Prestige Voice good to hear
Kailh Prestige Clicky similar to Ivy

Kailh Prestige Red

Kailh Prestige Clicky

Kailh Crane

Kailh Prestige Light

Kailh Prestige Silent

Kailh Prestige Voice

cherry switches

Cherry Red

Cherry Blue

 Cherry Brown

Cherry Silent Red

Gateron Switches

G Red pro 2.0

G Yellow pro 2.0

G White pro 2.0

G Silver pro 2.0

 G Brown pro 2.0



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    JACK N.

    I have a very small desk space and it is always crowded with paperwork. The keyboard with calculator is the best thing ever invented and I will buy them for every computer I need.

    Jonathan H.

    Absolutely love it. Beautiful design and smooth switches!

    David P.

    Great tool

    Stephanie H.

    I recently rebought this keyboard for my boyfriend who originally owned one before back in 2021. I had to rebuy this keyboard because of water damage from a drink spill. The majority of the keys kept working surprisingly, but unfortunately CTRL didn't. So, he just received his keyboard and apparently the num lock key has a nice multi color light which is cool because the older version didn't. He said that he noticed the quality of the keycaps lowered but overall the quality is still really good. He absolutely loves his keyboard and Varmilo really outdoes themselves with great products. Also the calculator on this keyboard is so damn cool! To repurchase from this company again and knowing my boyfriend had previously owned a keyboard from them in the past ensures knowing you will be satisfied. :)