Varmilo Aurora – Polar lights on keyboard

varmilo Aurora keyboard

The Varmilo Aurora Themed Keyboard

The design of Varmilo Aurora keyboard comes from the Nordic team Mudflat. We hope Aurora can serve as a carrier to present the spectacular polar light of the Scandinavia. Thus, the overall design is minimalist.

Dancing Lights in the Sky


The formation of auroras involves the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field, solar wind, and the atmosphere. Charged particles enter Earth’s atmosphere and collide with it, resulting in the emission of visible light and the creation of the beautiful aurora phenomenon.



The colors on the keycaps represent the auroras, while the healing comes from the black keyboard casing that symbolizes the night sky. We have incorporated shades of purple, teal, and icy blue to depict the enchanting and vibrant nature of the auroras.

color schema of varmilo aurora keyboard

Hidden Star Map

The scattered stars on the keycaps are not randomly arranged but represent a star map of the northern hemisphere’s visible sky. They depict the constellations of Pegasus, Orion, Taurus, Ursa Major, Gemini, and Cassiopeia.

star maps on Aurora keyboard

The inspiration for the minimalist wave pattern design comes from the graceful movements of the auroras dancing in the sky.

wave design pattern on Aurora keyboard


The Mudflat team has meticulously designed a custom font exclusively for Aurora.

font design of varmilo Aurora keyboard


Space Bar

The pattern design on the spacebar showcases a dreamlike scene, evoking a sense of familiarity yet appearing as an otherworldly illusion.

spacebar of varmilo Aurora keyboard


Aurora is a meticulously designed theme keyboard crafted specifically for the people of the Nordic region. It embodies the dedication and hard work of the Mudflat team while also featuring top-notch craftsmanship from Varmilo. It is an exceptionally well-crafted mechanical keyboard.