Varmilo Themed keyboard – Chang’e

varmilo chang'e keyboard


Art Design

Ⅰ Design background

Chang’e, the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, stole the elixir, drank it, and ascended to the Moon. Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Chang’e has been depicted as a beauteous lady. Gradually, Chang’e was always mentioned when people stared at the starry sky, studied the lunar phase, and enjoyed the night view.
Ancient Chinese people created countless romantic stories based on the tale of Chang’e.
The Hua Culture Girls Series is the symbolic chinoiserie illustration of the famous Chinese illustrator Li Huan. He selects traditional Chinese cultural elements, personifies them, and designs the images.

Ⅱ Color Scheme – Starry Sky and Imaginations

Chang’e Themed Keyboard comes with the tone of the starry sky. The deep blue cases, the traditional Chinese grain patterns, and the galaxies bring the charm of the starry sky with Chinese taste.

Ⅲ Visual Effects

The visual effects of Chang’e Themed Keyboard originate from Li Huan’s Chang’e Series illustrations. The exquisite touch of
Chang’e gradually extends from the case to the keycaps. On the one hand, it brings novel visual impact. On the other hand, it keeps the consistency of the design.

Lunar Phases Design

  •  The patterns on function keys is another innovation – printing light-color lunar phases on dark-color keycaps, depicting the everchanging lunar phases.
  •  The Chinese calendar defines the monthly cycle as New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Third Quarter.
  •  To implicitly illustrate the alluring moonlight and the eastern culture of the moon, the keycaps adopt the “dark background color with light printing” design. As the backlight is off, the moon fades out; as the backlight is on, the moon shows up.

Lights off effects:

Lights on effects

Bottom case design

The lacquerware and fresco design in Han Dynasty have endured thousands of years. Today, they are still highly recognized as a well-deserved national treasure. Inspired by these classic cultural images, the Varmilo design team created the original illustration depicting Chang’e flying to the moon to enrich the design on the bottom case.

Limited Bonus – A hare astronaut

In the mythology of Chang’e, there’s a white hare making the elixir and a self-healing Osmanthus tree that could never be cut down. Therefore, we blend various white hare and the Osmanthus tree images into the keyboard design. The first batch of Chang’e Themed Keyboard will have a bonus – a hare astronaut! As an exclusive souvenir, the prize infuses ancient romance into modern astrology and serves as an auspicious symbol of the year of the rabbit.

The hare astronaut comes with five random different keycap-shaped headwear.


Ⅰ Versions

Connection Modes

For Chang’e Themed Keyboard, there are 2 connection modes available

  •  Wired with EC switches
  •  Bluetooth, 2.4g and wired with mechanical switches

All configurations come with white LED


Mechanical switches version (both wired and wireless versions) supports hot-swop.

While the EC switches are welded on due to a special trigger principle, therefore, hot-swop is not applicable.

Ⅱ Structure Upgrades

Chang’e Themed Keyboard carries silicone foam (better dampens the clicking sound than traditional silicone stuff) and the upgraded in-mold silicone to fill the keyboard and eliminate the clicking sound to the greatest extent.

The in-built top-mount (for 108-key) and bottom-mount structure ensures a consistent typing experience and brings you a solid and enjoyable typing sound.


As for the lunar phase part, we innovate and adopt the five-side IMD (in-mold decoration) method to create abundant and exquisite patterns on dark engraved design.

Other keycaps are made of Varmilo sophisticated V-silk PBT material while the colors and patterns are printed smoothly and exquisitely by the five-side dye-sub technique (the white small keycaps adopt the one-side dye-sub technique).

Ⅲ Switches

New Switches:

Kailh Prestige Light

37g operation force light pressure linear switch
Adopt POM to optimize typing sound
20mm long spring provides strong pretravel and rebound
Stock lubed, minimized noise

Varmilo EC V2 Violet

45g operation tactile switch
Similar to traditional Brown Switch
Optimized typing experience
Smoother and with better sound

Other Varmilo EC V2 Switches

EC V2 switches are not compatible with hot-swap.

Other Mechanical switches are compatible with hot-swap.


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